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An online booking system is a software that lets you receive and manage reservations made on your website. It's a useful tool for anyone who manages accommodation or offers travel adventures. Using a booking system for your property serves two main goals:

  1. automate reservation and booking management to take work off your shoulders and save your time
  2. present guests with an intuitive booking experience through a highly customizable booking form

Softnursery tour booking system is simple yet a very powerful tool to automate your daily booking activities. Any travellers can visit the frontend interface and see the available tour places. From there, a user can register and order to book his tickets. It has two dashboards. 

  • Tourists Dashboard: After the success of the registration into the system, A user can see the following:
  • lists of the available tours
  • Ratings of the travellers
  • Duration and timetable of the tours
  • Gallery Pictures of the place
  • The exact location on the map
  • Price lists of the tour including the breakdown (i.e: adult, child, infant )
  • Current order requests
  • Payment options like PayPal and others
  • print/download invoice
  • Orders rejected by admin etc


  • Admin Dashboards: An admin has full authority over the system. An admin can do the following:
  • Provision to check the orders like pending/ongoing, messages from travellers, and number of users registered
  • Provision to check the orders with user’s profile picture, name, ordered product title, number of travellers etc
  • Provision to approve any orders or mark any orders as finished once payment is made by travellers.
  • Provision to add as many categories as he wants and assign categories to any products
  • Facility to add/edit/delete any tours including tour’s relevant information like images, location, duration, price, returning date, etc
  • Facility to discount any particular tour
  • Facility to price based on ages like an adult, child, infant, etc.
  • Facility to block any users if seems spam 

To see the demo, please feel free to contact us.

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