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The ability to streamline the delivery of employee training is a critical component of successful companies. Learning management systems (LMS) help you deliver training materials and organize skills development within your organization. These systems can be extremely useful. A learning management system is a software solution used by companies to organize and deliver learning opportunities to their new employees as well as existing employees. In order to create a knowledge hub in your organization, it’s essential to provide necessary training once an employee is onboarded. Our LMS is designed in a manner so that many industries can be benefited. Just like educational institutions, companies with HR departments can also use this solution. 

Bidyan LMS  has 2 types of student contents

  • Online courses
  • Live courses(with bigbluebutton virtual meeting API)

Upcoming products in V2: 

  • Personal courses
  • Contests
  • Contents

Bidyan LMS has 2 Payment Gateway:

  1. PayPal
  2. SSLCOMMERZ (20+ Bangladeshi Payment Options for Cards, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, E-Wallet )

Bidyan LMS has 4 separated Dashboards:

  1. Admin Dashboard
  2. Instructor Dashboard
  3. Moderator Dashboard
  4. Student Dashboard


He has the full-fledged authority to roam throughout the system. An admin can-    

  • Create & manage any students products, 
  • Create & manage categories, sub-categories & sub-sub-categories
  •  View the courses that have been published/unpublished
  • see total sales amount and total profit earned from sales in the reporting section
  •  add other admins, instructors, moderators, and students etc. 
  • assign instructors/moderators to a particular course


The instructors' dashboard has the following features:

  • Provision to create online course as well as live course
  • Facility to see unrated courses/live courses  assignments
  • Provision to make quiz under a course
  • Provision to see course sales report and payment report


  • Modify the student contents of assigned courses by admins
  • Modify the student contents of a category that is assigned by the admin


Anyone who is interested in learning can sign up as a student. After successfully signing up, a student/learner will be redirected to a dashboard. The student dashboard has the following features:

  • Recommended course based on the popularity/no. of students enrolled
  • The recently viewed course that might be a topic of interest to the students
  • Number of courses he/she enrolled
  • Progress of the enrolled course
  • Number of courses he/she finished
  • Facility to add/edit bio, personal information and password

How an LMS transforms employee training:

Online employee training software makes it incredibly simple to develop, deliver, and manage the staff training programs that help great teams grow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multi-national or a small business. Making the switch from classroom-based training to a learning management system (LMS) brings big benefits for businesses of any size.

  • Automate repetitive tasks: Take the hassle out of day-to-day administration by easily automating repeatable tasks like grading tests and assignments.

  • Save training time: Help staff get back to work faster with web-based classes available online and on-demand.

  • Create courses easily: Take the hassle out of day-to-day administration by easily automating repeatable tasks like grading tests and assignments.

  • Lower training costs: Reduce travel, venue, and instructor expenses by bringing training online where it can be used time and time again for no added cost.

Course Features:

Courses are the life of a learning management system. Considering the fact, Softnursery has covered all the necessary fields that are required for a course under its LMS. There are two types of courses:

  1. Online course: A course that is created with pre-recorded course videos and course materials can be classified as an online course. The course is created one time in the system but as there is no limitation/barrier in purchasing the courses, anyone from anywhere can purchase it.
  2. Live Course: Just like online courses, you can create a live course and schedule the course by time and day.
  3. Personal courses: Location-based courses
  4. Contests: photo, video, audio content can be created and managed. also, the winner can be chosen.
  5. Contents: PodCasts, single video, AudioBooks, PDF books can be published and sold.

Other products:


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