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Courier management is the process of planning and executing last-mile delivery for packages and goods. Courier managers are responsible for scheduling order deliveries, assigning them to couriers, overseeing operations while couriers are in the field, and suggesting strategic improvements for future planning. 

There are three main objectives of courier management:

  1. Deliver products to customers.
  2. Support the couriers delivering those products.
  3. Ensure that customers have a great buying experience, so they come back for more.

Softnursery Courier Management System is developed with Laravel Framework of PHP that is developed for Courier business. Let's take a look deeper at the functionality of different users of the systems:

1. Super Admin: This person has full authority over the system. A super admin has the following facilities:

  • Authority to add/ manage other users like admin, merchant, delivery man, data entry operator
  • Provision to see the number of pending pickup requests, pending parcel, pending payment requests in the birds-eye view from the dynamic dashboard
  • Reset passwords and change users’ profile details
  • Provision to see the number of parcels delivered/returned, number of pick-up requests, payment requests and many more
  • Authority to take any action (accept/reject) against any pick-up request 
  • Facility to add a parcel with details like memo/invoice no. customer name, customer address, zone etc.
  • Ability to assign a data entry operator to enter the data in the parcel details log
  • Space to assign a delivery person based on the delivery zone in the parcel
  • Space to pay the specific merchant the amount that was received upon delivery
  • Provision to see the delivery charge amount and commission rate from the payment tab
  • Provision to add zone and assign a specific delivery person to a particular zone
  • Provision to add front-end pages like privacy policy, FAQ etc.  as many as you want
  • Facility to export any report like print, csv, excel

2. Admin: An admin will get all facilities of super admin except adding more sub-admin

3. Delivery Person: A person employed by a retail store to deliver small orders to customers on call. A delivery person can do the following activities:

  • Facility to see the list of parcels which are assigned to him
  • Facility to change the status of a parcel from pending to “Delivered” or “Returned”
  • Once a parcel is marked as delivered the delivery charge will be added to the merchant wallet, Admin commission will be added to the admin wallet and the rest of CAD will be added to the specific Merchant wallet

4. Data Entry Operator: Data Entry Operators are usually responsible for entering data into different computer databases, managing and maintaining effective record keeping. A data entry operator is added by an admin/super admin. He is only responsible for inserting parcel details. Thus, he has no access to other functions except the parcel tab.

5. Merchants: A person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying goods to a particular trade. In this system, a merchant can-

  • request for pickup based on the urgency (12 hours or 24 hours)
  • See the number of pickup requests he made and the number of requests accepted or rejected
  • See the number of parcels that he sent are delivered or returned
  • See the total earnings from parcels delivered to customers in his wallet
  • make  withdrawal requests from his wallet

To see the demo, please feel free to contact us.

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